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Imagine you walk into a house that has the color yellow on the walls; just the thought of it makes you feel happy and peaceful, isn’t it? The scenario is different when the house is painted in maroon or grey colors.

The principles of color vibrations offer a clarification: colors have an impact on your emotions, personality, physical energy, and feelings. Each of the colors in the rainbow gives out a different wavelength or vibration. While some colors are slow, others are quick in terms of their vibration. We can influence change in our environment by choosing to use the right color in the right way. The need for natural light is fascinating since it is necessary for our cells to grow and function properly. Humans are said to experience modifications in their emotional, physical, and mental state by getting exposed to various color vibrations. Vibration and energy are the basis of Vastu Shastra.

As per Vastu shastra, the immediate surroundings have a real impact on your standard of living. Wall colors and paintings will either be conducive to your comfort or bring discomfort, producing stress. A cozy room with harmonious colors induce relaxation and reduces stress.

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